View from Caer Llan

Caer Llan's

Disability Access

Caer Llan is located on a terraced hillside. Whilst beautiful, quiet and private some outdoor areas are steeply sloped and heavily wooded and can be challenging even for those with full mobility and good eyesight. Please ensure that you take due care when moving around the property and outdoors and that children (who find the gardens and grounds particularly exciting to explore) are fully supervised at all times.

To help you to move about: We have taken steps to ensure that all those parts of the property to which visitors require regular public access can reached by wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility. Access to some areas of the gardens and grounds, other than those immediately adjacent to the main house, may be challenging and some garden and woodland paths are unavoidably steep.

The main visitor car park entry and exit roads are steeply sloped however we have created spaces for about 15 vehicles on the level ground close to the four main ground-floor doorways. Dedicated 'blue card' parking places can be created on request.

There are 7 ground-floor entrances to the property of which only one has a step and all the main ground floor reception rooms are on one level without steps.

We are currently unable to provide dedicated disabled toilet facilities within the main house however the Berm House is within a short distance of all principal public areas and one of its rooms can be set aside if required – please talk to us about your requirements so we can make the most appropriate arrangements.

The 7 bedrooms in the main house are situated on the second-floor which is accessed via a wide stairway with a mid-height landing. You should though be aware that Caer Llan is a period property and that the changes and additions which have taken place over the years have resulted in varying levels and ceiling heights. The 7 bedrooms in the Berm House are however all on the ground floor and offer unrestricted access. One is specially equipped with bathroom/toilet facilities for the convenience and safety of those with disabilities.

To help you see where you are going: All corridors and rooms have good colour contrast between floor and walls. Corridors are automatically lit at night time by movement sensors when entered. Outdoor areas immediately around the house are similarly illuminated. White guide-stripes can be laid on the floors of popular routes on request. Many plants close to the doors have been chosen for their fragrance.

Assistance dogs are welcome and water can be provided at various locations however as Caer Llan is only available to pre-booked groups we do not currently provide assistance in Braille.

To help you keep in touch: All bedrooms have telephone points and handsets can be provided on request. 'House phones' are provided at various locations around the property. Dialling '0' on a 'house phone' will always reach a member of staff who will be happy to help day or night. An outside line can be provided from a bedroom 'house phone' on request. There is a pay-phone and a fixed Internet connection at the foot of the main staircase.

Mobile phone signal strength varies from inconsistent to poor within the main house dependent on service provider but a good signal is usually available outdoors. We have recently introduced a ‘guest’ wireless network throughout all main public rooms though please note that within a period property wireless network signal strength may vary from room to room.

Website accessibility: We have taken care to ensure our website is accessible to those with visual disabilities and conforms to W3C Priority 2 (Level AA) guidelines the requirements of the UK's Disability Discrimination Act.